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August 2015

Bad Boy rapper Loon on Prisonworld

Former Bad Boy Rapper Loon, aka Chauncey Hawkins aka Amir Junaid Muhadith: Write Him Here

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Former Bad Boy artist Loon, who converted to Islam a few years back was arrested on drug charges back in 2011 for committing felonies during 2006-2008. And thanks to the federal indictment papers just now coming to light and him just getting arrested (again) in Belgium the whole story is coming to light and smelling really fishy.

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The Prisonworld Radio Hour Spotlights Author Jason Sole- From Prison to PhD

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Some of the best stories comes from those that have been incarcerated and left the prison system behind to live a better life. Education, speaker and author of From Prison to PhD, Jason Sole, did all of the above and has not only written a book to tell his story, but also reaches back into the prison system to try to detour gang issues and inmate insubordination. Co-hosts Rufus and Jenny Triplett, engages in this chat with prison outreach experience.

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Prisoner Hunger Strike in Utah Over After Just 6 Days

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Prisonworld View:

Reiterating, prisoner hunger strikes do not normally work as the administration do not negotiate with terrorists, so to speak. The demands were ludicrous and self-serving. Albeit the inmates are caged animals with very little outlets for rehabilitation, had the strike been more directive for prison programs and not just gang demands, maybe they would have been taken more seriously.

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The Prisonworld Radio Hour Returns from Hiatus with Hot Topics

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Who talks about prison issues consistently…from a male & female perspective? Who brings inmates voices from behind the walls to the airwaves? Who spotlights those that have gone from prison to prominence? All answers leads to The Prisonworld Radio Hour.

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