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#Prisonworld News – Write A Prisoner – Marion “Suge” Knight

There’s an old saying…live by the street, die by the street. Are there any surprises here? Naaah. Don’t think so. Although Marion “Suge” Knight is no stranger to the prison system, this last case/trial is for the brutal hit and run that was captured via surveillance camera and shared across social media led to a manslaughter plea.

Always have been and still one of the most controversial figures in entertainment, this new sentence puts Mr. Knight behind the wall until 2037 at which time he comes up for parole. But until then, his mail box is open. He’ll be clinging to mail call just like every other inmate. If  you want to correspond with him as he may need some prison pen pals, you have some time. 28 years to be exact.



Marion Knight BH6458

RJ Donovan Correctional Facility

480 Alta Road

San Diego, CA 92179



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