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Muslim Power Couples Aug 2015 on Surviving Marriage Tips

Muslim Power Couples – The Blog Series

August 2015

No matter how long it’s been since the last Muslim Power Couples Blog Series Post but life comes as it is always met with great excitement! We are now two years into recognizing Muslim Power Couples so it’s about time we change things up a bit. There has been much buzz about this honor and it warms our heart to know that people actually look to see if they have made the cut. Well, for those that do not know, what’s the cut? How do you make it? It’s not a contest. It’s about how you live your every day lives. That’s the real, authentic you. Someone in your community or on social media is going to know you. We like to show the masses that there are real, positive images regarding Muslims, marriages in Islam and religious family life that is not stressed, oppressed or a hot mess. #MuslimPowerCouples #SurvivingMarriage

In some circles, we are known as a Power Couple but in a room of at least 10 mainstream people, we are normally the only ones that look and represent the way that we do. Our work within our marriage platform has afforded us many once in a lifetime opportunities. We feel we are breaking barriers for other Muslim couples, especially African Americans, in order to bring a better understanding to our lifestyle. There is so much going on in the world, and specifically America, that is trying to tear down and destroy Islam and all of the good that it represents, we are putting forth positive images of Muslim Marriages the can’t be denied as a result of maintaining faith and life balance.

We, hubby and I, are fortunate enough to be surrounded by wonderful images of Muslim Couples on Facebook and Instagram. Daily, we see Muslim men and women, married couples, living, laughing and loving out loud. So wow, here came the thought, why not spotlight these duos. Why not show the images of positive, striving Muslims who have fun, who are stylish, who are playful and who enjoy not only married life, but life in general.

This group of couples, just like all of our other group over the past two years,  is filled with a full scale of how Islam is represented. Breaking the stereotype of Muslims as not being fun people is not only being done by these couples, but they share their experiences on Facebook. We love to include an array of couples not only in years of marriages stemming from newlyweds to thoroughbreds, but also in occupation, ethnicity, geography and influence. Muslims live life with missions and purposes and also put work into maintaining their marriages. Not only do Muslim marriages thrive, but they are also colorful. These couples bring the full spectrum of the rainbow with them and sprinkle the air with a flavorful mist. Who are they you say?

Soooo…here ya go. A few reasons why these “flair pairs” put smiles on our faces. Starting from the Top R and continuing clockwise –

Tayyeba Hassan – Naim Hassan, Atlanta, GA

We have known this couple personally for several years. They walk their talk. On the cusp of 26 years of marriage, they stay active in the community by mentoring and counseling  youth and bringing forth what’s positive about Islam. Their outward appearance is only reflective of the substance they carry on the inside. Dawah on a daily should be there motto (I’ll let y’all borrow that lol)

Sameerah El-Siraaj & Jamal Al-Amin, Nashville, TN

This couple could create a group, spoken word, a duo like Floetry and called themselves…artist to artist. It’s not the mainstream norm for two creative people to get together and be compatible but in Muslim marriages it customary. Channeling the gifts that Allah has give you has allowed this couple to sustain 9 years of marriage and  remain active in the community.

Daarina Farooq Jannah & Rashid Jannah, Atlanta, GA

Ahhhh, the joy of being a NEWLYWED! Only two years into marriage this couple is putting in the work to establish a foundation and create their legacy as entrepreneurs. From their own all natural juice beverage company to wedding and event palling to fashion accessories, these two are wasting no time in working for their last names…not their first. Anyone that knows them knows that they are committed to building the family empire and committed to making their marriage work.

Sadaf Syed & Ahad Syed, Chicago, IL

ICover, we cover. It’s the way of most muslimahs and this couple put a project together to show the beauty of it…American style. As a photojournalist who sees the world from a different scope, you are always telling a story, from a Muslim perspective. When you have a stable marriage, 17 years is pretty stable, supporting each other in projects, filling in with the kids when duty calls, it’s all just a part of what you do. A strong marriage begets a strong family.

Yusuf Cortez  & Fatima Al-Azim, Atlanta, GA

Islam is probably one of the very few religions that not only includes blending marriages with different ethnicities, but also various backgrounds that comes together for the sake of Allah. Connections are made for the purposes of completing the din but bonds are made to build family. This couple is building based on love, knowledge, community, business and family. construction and real estate go hand and hand just like husband and wife. Keeping it simple and keeping it halal has allowed them to see five years of marital bliss.

Muslims are the most diverse, well rounded, well traveled group of people you will come to know. Happy, honored, and humbled to be in such great company. This is a BLOG Series with groups of couples posted every month (maybe lol). We have been pretty busy so we have not posted since May. If you missed the February 2015 post, or the May 2015 post you can check the archives or click the links. With the pending debut of our TV Show, Lifestyles with Rufus & Jenny Triplett, we will be looking to showcase more Muslims in various facets of life. You never know who you might see.

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