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September 2015

The Death (Penalty) of Kelly Gissendaner – Where Do You Stand?

By Food For Thought

The Death Penalty has always been and will always be a controversial topic. Taking someone’s life is a hard and permanent decision. Kelly Gissendaner, the only female on Georgia’s death row, was executed after all of her appeals had been exhausted all the way to the Supreme Court. Not even a letter from the Pope himself could save her. The execution had been delayed three times for various reasons, hundreds of people rallied to her support saying she’s changed, found God, rehabilitated, etc, but no one was trying to hear it, especially the victim’s family and the parole board. The guy who actually did the killing received life in prison for testifying against her.

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#Prisonworld View – Blowing the Whistle on the NYPD

By Uncategorized

NYPD whistleblower Adrian Schoolcraft settles suit for $600G

The controversial cop who said he was thrown in a psych ward for blowing the whistle on a quota system in the NYPD settled his case Tuesday for $600,000.

Adrian Schoolcraft had sued the city for a whopping $50 million in 2010 for his alleged unlawful detention at Jamaica Hospital.

He said his brothers in blue waged a campaign of harassment against him after he blew the whistle on cops using arrest quotas and fudging crime stats at the 81st Precinct covering Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Schoolcraft’s claims against the hospital and two doctors still stand

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The Prisonworld Radio Hour – Author Spotlight w/ Thelma Wright – Female Drug Queen Pin

By Prisonworld Radio Hour

Caught up in the drug game and can’t get out? How do you just walk away? Thelma Wright is in the Author Spotlight on The Prisonworld Radio Hour. She hold nothing back from co-hosts Jenny & Rufus Triplett as to how she just walked away from taking over her husband’s drug business and being the toughest female Queen Pin on the block.

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#Prisonworld News – Drones Dropping Drugs Like It’s Hot in Prison Yards

By Uncategorized

Officials say a drone has dropped a package of drugs into an Ohio prison yard while inmates were outside, sparking a fight.

The package was dropped July 29 at the Mansfield Correctional Institution, about 65 miles southwest of Cleveland. A spokeswoman for the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction tells the Mansfield News Journal it contained almost a quarter of an ounce of heroin, over 2 ounces of marijuana and more than 5 ounces of tobacco.

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#Prisonworld News – Inmates Fighting Fires in the State of California

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SACRAMENTO, California — With wildfires blazing throughout the parched Western United States, the state of California has found a novel, though ethically questionable, way to save money on the state’s safety budget: Send state prisoners to work on the frontlines fighting forest fires for $2 per day.

“More than 100 wildfires are burning across the West — destroying dozens of homes, forcing hundreds of people to flee and stretching firefighting budgets to the breaking point,” wrote Tim Stelloh for NBC News on Monday. For California, he reported, that means some 14,000 firefighters combating 19 forest fires, including the “Jerusalem fire,” which covered over 25,000 acres before being mostly contained as of Saturday. “[T]he blaze — along with six others — was still sending smoke south across the San Francisco Bay Area,” Stelloh wrote.

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