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The Death (Penalty) of Kelly Gissendaner – Where Do You Stand?

Georgia Executes the First Woman in over 70 Years!

The Death Penalty has always been and will always be a controversial topic. Taking someone’s life is a hard and permanent decision. Kelly Gissendaner, the only female on Georgia’s death row, was executed after all of her appeals had been exhausted all the way to the Supreme Court. Not even a letter from the Pope himself could save her. The execution had been delayed three times for various reasons, hundreds of people rallied to her support saying she’s changed, found God, rehabilitated, etc, but no one was trying to hear it, especially the victim’s family and the parole board. The guy who actually did the killing received life in prison for testifying against her. CLICK HERE for an accounting of the investigation.

The State of Oklahoma is also having it’s issues with executions as Richard Glossip has been fortunate enough to have had his execution stayed until a lawsuit can be heard about the lethal injection drugs used. He still maintains his innocence.You can read more about his fight here – CLICK HERE


Some people were confused as to why Kelly’s execution was making national news. This video helps explain that. I knew Kelly. Her fate lies with God.

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