Taxing the Inmates Taxes the Families

Since the subject of taxes is on the forefront of Americans, I thought I’d pass along a poem by Charley Ressee .  After you read this, you might ask yourself, what doe s this have to do with inmates? Inmates are being charged to be incarcerated. That is taxing.

Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table, At which he’s fed.


                               Tax his tractor,

                               Tax his mule,

                               Teach him taxes

                               Are the rule.

                               Tax his work,

                               Tax his pay,

                               He works for

                               peanuts anyway!

                               Tax his cow,

                               Tax his goat,

                               Tax his pants,

                               Tax his coat.

                               Tax his ties,

                               Tax his shirt,

                               Tax his work,

                               Tax his dirt.

                               Tax his tobacco,

                               Tax his drink,

                               Tax him if he

                               Tries to think.

                               Tax his cigars,

                               Tax his beers,

                               If he cries

                               Tax his tears.

                               Tax his car,

                               Tax his gas,

                               Find other ways

                               To tax his ass.

                               Tax all he has

                               Then let him know

                               That you won’t be done

                               Till he has no dough.

                               When he screams and hollers;

                               Then tax him some more,

                               Tax him till

                               He’s good and sore.

                               Then tax his coffin,

                               Tax his grave,

                               Tax the sod in

                               Which he’s laid…

                               Put these words

                               Upon his tomb,

                               ‘Taxes drove me

                               to my doom…’

                               When he’s gone,

                               Do not relax,

                               Its time to apply

                               The inheritance tax.

                              Taxes Inmates Pay

                               Cigarette Tax (higher prices at the Commissary)

                                      Food License Tax (higher prices at the Commissary)

                              Gross Receipts Tax (monies to maintain accounts)

                              Medicare Tax (Inmate Healthcare)

                               Personal Property Tax (toiletries – some inmates buy their own underwear & uniforms)

                               Service Charge Tax (charges to remove monies form accounts)

                       Telephone Federal Excise Tax

                               Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax

                               Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes

                               Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax

                               Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax

                                Telephone State and Local Tax

                               Telephone Usage Charge Tax

And if you didn’t know, if they die in prison, whatever is on their account goes to bury them.


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