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Hollywood has a way of building up their favorite sons and daughters. It is a world where some can do no wrong and mistakes are forgotten quickly. Most often times heavy hitters in the business, and with a family name that carries weight, indiscretions are examined and categorized differently from the norm.

Charlie Sheen, the “it guy” of the moment, is one of the highest paid actors on a successful television series. While sober, he is far from a big personality. The recent troubles he has experienced which has exposed his drug habit, has introduced to the world a somewhat Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde Charlie Sheen or the Charlie Sheen that is losing a fight to unleashed demons.

Jenny Triplett, co-editor-in-chief of Prisonworld Magazine, takes a bold look at the situation. “Charlie Sheen is a train wreck. He is a speeding locomotive 90 going north and at this point it is going to take something very drastic to make him stop. Winning does not always mean finishing first but he seems to have a narcissist attitude to go along with his drug problem. His ability to think sanely is imprisoned in his left brain.  The right brain has taken over and is providing a façade that his addiction is feeding. I see this type of behavior in the inmates that we deal with and talk to on a daily basis.”

Charlie Sheen is far from the first celebrity that has battled their addiction publicly and probably will not be the last. Mainstream radio and television has been giving the public a play by play of his rants and movements. With the ever growing popularity of social media, Sheen has been able to take to the likes of Twitter, where he currently has over 2 million followers and the internet with his own television show.

“America tends to stray to the side of foolishness. That is the only reason that this is everyday news and conversation. They see a man worth 100 million dollars saying whatever he wants to say, doing whatever he wants to do and they want to see what is coming next. For some, it’s real life entertainment. It is the best reality show on TV right now. It’s just like the high profile criminal cases. We talk to people who are only interested in inmates who have made national news.” says Rufus, co-editor-in-chief of Prisonworld Magazine.

Past celebrities who have thanked their friends and families for an intervention that have saved their lives include Whitney Houston, Gary Busey and Tatum O’Neal. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Charlie Sheen is on a drug called “Charlie Sheen.” There may not be a cure for that. Failure of that 12 Step Program is inevitable if he claims to be high on himself. Charlie Sheen did not get to this point overnight and once he decides to jailbreak his mind his road to recovery might begin.

For more information on interviews with Rufus and Jenny Triplett and the Excuses – Substance Abuse Presentation, contact Jenny Triplett 678-233-8286 or [email protected].

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  • Sally says:

    I think that’s the most accurate analysis of Sheen I read. A great article Jenny!

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