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Surviving Parenting – Be in the Know of New Addictions

Parenting is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs you will ever have. You are never quite prepared for it and the task varies for everyone. There is not a one size fits all course and or cure. Being in the know is the first step in helping your preteen/teen navigate through the perils and challenges of puberty and peer pressures.

Among one of the vices that can occur during this wondrous, awkward, curious time for exploring into adulthood, is experimentation. Experimentation can be damaging as it may lead to addictions and even death. Be aware of viral challenges that clog your children’s social media streams and tend to be enticing to kids who want to fit in or become popular. Here is a great article from Recovery Corps in regards to the dangers of two of the most popular challenges – drinking hand sanitizer in order to get high and swallowing cinnamon…just because.


What will the kids think of next? Evidently, it involves hand sanitizer and cinnamon. Hand sanitizer made the headlines a few months back when a half dozen California teenagers showed up in the ER after drinking the clear liquid and getting alcohol poisoning.

Good old cinnamon, the common flavoring ingredient, is being swallowed by the mouthful in a dare called the cinnamon challenge.

While it would be premature to call these trends, as a parent you should be aware and aware of the risks.

Hand Sanitizer

We’re a nation obsessed with germs. It seems like every business you walk into sports a jug of clear hand sanitizer from supermarkets to the post office. It’s a cheap way to ward off germs and make us feel a little safer. And that’s a good thing. Until it’s not.

Now kids are drinking it. At least vanilla extract—another recent buzz effort for teens—sounds appealing. But hand sanitizer? Huffing AC refrigerant to get high was popular when I was a kid. And that actually sounds more appealing.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

With all of the new fads and statuses that tends to make others believe they must participate, it would behoove a parent to become “in the know.”

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