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For Better or Worse, In Prisonworld or the Freeworld

Surviving Marriage – Should Inmates be Allowed to Get Married?


Marriage is “to love, honor, cherish and forsake only to him/her for long as ye both shall live.” No where in that statement does it say that you cannot be incarcerated while taking this oath. Is a marriage performed in prison legal? Sure, by every sense of the word. Is it illegal in the eyes of God if not consummated? Depends on your religion. There are some states that consider marriages”common law” without consummation.

There are several rights and liberties being taken away from inmates. The right to have a legal marriage while incarcerated spans the time of prisons. Inmates are human beings which means that the Constitution of the United States pertains to them as well. The best of marriages spawned from a prison relationship lasts the test of time. What better way to test your love than by separation.

Inmates have rights and are people too. What say you?

This is what Tracy McMillan had to say about why people are not married:

You want to get married. It’s taken a while to admit it. Saying it out loud — even in your mind — feels kind of desperate, kind of unfeminist, kind of definitely not you, or at least not any you that you recognize. Because you’re hardly like those girls on TLC saying yes to the dress and you would never compete for a man like those poor actress-wannabes on The Bachelor.

You’ve never dreamt of an aqua-blue ring box.

Then, something happened. Another birthday, maybe. A breakup. Your brother’s wedding. His wife-elect asked you to be a bridesmaid, and suddenly there you were, wondering how in hell you came to be 36-years-old, walking down the aisle wearing something halfway decent from J. Crew that you could totally repurpose with a cute pair of boots and a jean jacket. You started to hate the bride — she was so effing happy — and for the first time ever you began to have feelings about the fact that you’re not married. You never really cared that much before. But suddenly (it was so sudden) you found yourself wondering… Deep, deep breath… Why you’re not married.

Well, I know why.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of a very interesting article about marriage or not.

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