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Couples Weekend Getaway – Hilton Head Island, SC

If you’re looking for a great weekend getaway, look east of Georgia about 4 hours, depending on where you live, and approx 30 minutes north of Savannah you have the ultimate retreat. Hilton Head Island, SC is a 42.5 square mile paradise on earth. CLICK HERE for island stats

Although we have heard of the faboulousness that existed on Hilton Head, this was our first venture, or rather adventure to the location. It was an easy drive from the Atlanta Metropolitan area as we made our way out of the city on a Friday afternoon, during rush hour and a blinding rain storm, to arrive on the island island around 8:30pm, just in time for a late dinner.

Being huge lovers of seafood, there were numerous choices of restaurants in which to satisfy our pallets. We opted for a place close to our hotel as it was a very balmy evening with 100% humidity. During the first hour of our arrival, we were getting adjusted to having our glasses steam up every time we stepped outside the car.

Photo Aug 09, 12 05 41 PM Hilton Head Island, SC Our hotel room was actually a suite with a fireplace and full kitchen. During the months of September – March you can purchase logs for the fireplace which makes for a cozy, romantic environment. I told my husband that we would have to come back just to experience the ambiance of the Fall/Winter season in this beach town.

The suite also had a DVD player connected to a more than average sized flat screen and FREE HBO with a comfortable sofa and coffee table for those that like to settle in with a good movie. We noticed a couple checking in right before us that had “just married” on their SUV. We see why it would be a great spot for honeymooners.

The Island has everything you could imagine to make for a great weekend getaway or a full week or total summer vacation. From shopping, to site-seeing, to walking on the beach and riding bikes on trails, to fishing and the thrill of water sports, there is something for everyone. We made our way to Tanger Outlets, as it is a must stop for us at any of it’s locations, and was not disappointed. The clearance sales were incredible and the selections were numerous.

Even though the island stays pretty well booked during the summer months, using websites such as Hotel Tonight, Priceline or Hotwire, can help get you get a last minute deal. These websites also have apps in which you can pay in full or the room and within 15 minutes the hotel is notified. One other notable detail was the low gas prices. South Carolina is a state that normally has lower gas prices than other states and it was no different on the island. We stopped at what seemed like one of the largest Kroger’s that we had ever seen, and with our Kroger plus card, our gas price per gallon was $2.81. Saving money while on vacation, or a getaway was icing on the cake.

Watching the sunrise on the beach, taking in the waves and enjoying the sand between our toes was better than acupuncture. It was the solace and serenity that we needed in order to reboot our busy lives. If you’re looking to get out of the city, do something quick, relaxing and fun, Hilton Head is a fantastic destination.



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