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Fred Tokars on Prisonworld Blogtalk

Fred Tokars – Where is He Now – Prison Snitch or Prison B!&@^

via Cherokee Tribune

There are a number of trials in Cobb that local judges, attorneys and law enforcement officers said are quite memorable, but none had as many twists and turns as the 1992 shooting death of 39-year-old Sara Tokars. The mother and her two sons had just returned home on Nov. 29, 1992, from spending Thanksgiving with family in Bradenton, Fla., when a man initially suspected of trying to burglarize their home in the Kings Cove subdivision in east Cobb abducted the family.

Tokars and her then 4- and 6-year-old boys were forced back into their Toyota 4-Runner by the gunman. He ordered her to drive, and when she refused to turn into a subdivision under construction, he shot her in the back of the head. It took investigators a little over a month to figure out that Sara Tokars’ husband, Fred, an up and coming tax attorney and part-time judge in Fulton County, had paid two men with criminal backgrounds to kill his wife because she had found out about a number of illegal activities he was involved in.

Fred Tokars was found guilty of murder five years later and sentenced to life in prison.

Fred Tokars on Prisonworld Blogtalk

via Atlanta Journal Constitution

Over the last decade, Tokars has helped solve six murders, providing testimony that sent one man to death row and another to prison for life. Tokars, said one prosecutor, testified so his sons would one day learn he was capable of good. “One of the reasons Fred said he did this was to leave a good legacy for his children,” said Noel Levy, an ex-Marine and retired Arizona prosecutor who, with Tokars as his star witness, convicted a man named Robert Ortloff in 2008, for the 1984 murder of a young woman.

“He was critical to the prosecution,” said Levy. “If it wasn’t for him, that cold case wouldn’t have been filed.”

Four years earlier, in Iowa, Tokars’ testimony helped send Dustin Lee Honken to death row. Honken, a large-scale methamphetamine manufacturer, was convicted of two separate killings of men who he feared would testify against him. One of those crimes was the nightmarish killings of a drug-dealing partner, that man’s girlfriend and her two young children.

Honken, a vicious psychopath, justified killing the kids because “they were rats being raised by rats.”

Today, Tokars’ exact location is a closely guarded secret. He is in the federal government’s witness protection program and his name has been expunged from the prison database.

He lives alone in a cell where he watches cable TV, reads the Wall Street Journal to keep up with current events and sometimes calls friends to reminisce on good times from long ago, according to one friend who has stayed in touch with him.

He has become an observant Jew and his hair is said to be long, as is his beard. He is confined to a wheelchair due to a mysterious neurological disorder and spinal problems. Tokars, 59, also longs to re-connect with his two sons. Not surprisingly, they grew up resenting him.


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We have put out a search  though our prison contacts for Fred Tokars since his whereabouts are unknown. We will let you know as soon as we get a hit on his prison address.

Prisonworld is very resourceful.



  • Tim folmar says:

    Mrs Tokars was murdered by two that were business associates of Tokars. When found out they turned state witnesses against Mr. Tokars claiming he paid them to do the killing. The justice system was turned into a liars contest and the two who did the killing got a plea deal while Tokars got life in prison. He lost his wife, His children and his reputation to two murderers who in effect got away with murder. Unfortunately, political correctness played a part in this case just like it did in the Duke LaCross team years later. I still hope for justice in this case.

  • Barbara Selina Turner says:

    You can’t be serious. You actually believe that he didn’t orchestrate the murder ?

  • Jorma says:

    I thought the same way. But then I asked myself, what about the the money laundering, nightclubs, straw men, overseas accounts, corroborating witnesses, sham suicide and wife’s pre-murder fears? My conclusion was that I was being a moron thinking that this skumbag was innocent.

  • Matt Beeman says:

    Bullshit, both of the men that were hired by Tokars got life in prison. They didn’t get any reduced time so it wouldn’t have done any good to lie. He was behind the killings. His problem was he hired two idiots to do the job.

  • Myrisha Campbell Finkle says:

    Here’s a twist… what if tokars son Rick is actually dustin honken?

  • Pamela M. says:

    You must be nuts if you think Tokars is innocent. Sleeping with hookers, doing cocaine, laundering drug dealers money, offshore accounts and his wife threatened to reveal all of it got her killed by him. If he was the threat they would have killed him, not his wife. He wasn’t just convicted on their testimony alone. Her parents even knew he was guilty.

  • Aa Friend of a Friend says:

    Crazy thing is one of those 2 men will be free by years end…and has been doing very well orchestrating from with the prison walls


    Boy! How did Tim Folmats even get to” political correctness” and the “Duke Lacrosse Team”; what are the relevant, common factors, hmmm?

  • meme says:

    No way. I know this for a fact that Honken is no relation to Tokars.

  • John Dozier says:

    There is a special place in Hell for Fred. I can assure you.

  • Mickey rooney says:

    She got what was coming to her for being a snitch. How dare her enjoy all the fruits of his labors and then decide to threaten to expose him if she didn’t get her way, she’s a scumbag.

  • Stan says:

    Got to laugh that there is even one person who thinks Fred didn’t do it. If everything else people mentioned isn’t enough, he took out a 1.75million dollar life insurance policy on his wife. He should be serving time in state prison and feeling lucky he didn’t get the dp, which is the only “just” punishment for the despicable crimes he committed.

  • Ann says:

    Why would you think that?why would you think that?

  • Benjamin says:

    Toss fred in the the lake of

  • Benjamin says:

    All duush bag killers that have not been caught .have been caught there just waiting there exuction

  • BratAlert says:

    You are so right about that.

  • What makes him think he will leave his sons with a good legacy? He is only thinking of himself as always. What he did to his wife and in front of his children will and always be the only legacy he will leave his children. He deserves to be in hell with the rest of people like him. Hope he has fun there.

  • molly says:

    This piece of TRASH should have been HUNG a Long time ago ,What he did to his Wife & 2 Sons
    He was never any Good ,I would have HUNG him SLOWLY . I can’t believe our Gov’t !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    putting him in witness protection program , This is just as EVIL as He is , This is a VERY EVIL

  • Don Jaun says:

    Fred is a little pussy. He deserves to die in prison.

  • There was justice in this case. Fred put the plan in motion to kill his wife. He is in prison but should have got the death penalty.

  • Donn says:

    I totally agree!! Even after all this time, I still can’t believe it happened.!

    What a beautiful gift, a stunning wife, beautiful children, wealth, millions of men only dream of something like this, yet it wasn’t enough!!

    This story will never be forgotten.

  • Lisa says:

    You have to be a real piece of human garbage to troll about the murder of an innocent woman right in front of her very young children. Do the world a favor and die in a fire, you POS. I guarantee no one will ever miss you.

  • Lisa says:

    Hey, what’s it like going through life as a dumb, lying, racist bag of dogs#*t?

  • TheMish says:

    I’m friends with his sons. You think their mother deserved to die? You might be an Internet troll but even if you’re just joking you’re a piece of shit because that is no joking matter. You will have a place right next to Fred in Hell.

  • Teresa Jean Heupel says:

    I lived in Atlanta while this trial and murder investigation was going on back in 1992 and 1993. It was a very interesting story. I am glad that he is behind bars. He deserves that for hired a couple of men to kill his wife.

    Their 4 and 6 year-old sons were in the back of the car that she was driving. She knew something was wrong and told her two boys to get down on the floorboard. They saw her get killed.

    He deserves to be behind bars.

  • Cathy says:

    I can’t think of a crueler and more evil act than paying someone evil enough to kill the mother of your children in front of those children!!! He has lost those children in this mortal life, much more important than a lifestyle!!! He needs to repent everyday and hope that God is more merciful than he was!!!

  • roger mason says:

    i cannot find fredric in the georgia prison system
    or the federal prison system. was he put in the
    witness protection program? is he dead?

  • Ty Neweiner says:

    Sara never turned evidence against the dishonest former Prosecutor & Judge. After advice she was given, she found thw evidence that would allow her to divorce her husband without fear of losing custody to a Scumbag who knows how to frame others. It was only after Fred was faced with divorce and losing half of the estate, along with a dozen years of child support. This piece of trash in his mind thought what he worked for was his and alone. Another jerkoff who thinks giving birth and raising children isnt worth anything. No one just one day decides to stray from following law. Im certain if is past is well documented their will be many skeletons dug up that went along with his time as a prosecutor and judge. He was a thief long before turning to representing what i call not drug king pins, but middle class similiar to those who work and earn their living thru legal means. This piece of shit was just stupid. Hired out to lower middle class drug dealers who would steal from their own mothers that got him in trouble. These types will turn on each other as fast as they can to get the best deal offered. And a Scumbag like Fred thinking of easy money he could manipulate them and the system backfired as it usually does!! Cable tv, telephone privileges, and a cell by himself?!! WTF is wrong with America and its legal system!! No matter what he did later to solve this crime or that crime, he knew back then what happened and didnt do shit about it. Only till he saw how it could benefit him did this piece of shit speak up!! He still didnt deserve cable tv and phone privileges!! Hell im retired 20 years due to on the job broken back and ruptured discs, and i still cant afford cable tv!!! Fucking prisoners with free medical and satellite tv. What’s next, conjical visits!!

  • Angela Jenkins says:

    During the trial it was revealed the three main detectives- Pat Banks, Ron Hunton, and Pete Fenton- had secretly signed a deal with a Hollywood production company and had been accepting money and sharing confidential case information from the outset. (They were fired after the trial). They did this a year before Fred Tokars was even arrested. Later review of the contracts showed they had very good incentive to have their “evidence” point to Fred Tokars as the murderer. Although some evidence pointed to Fred’s probable guilt, the full complete true story will never be known thanks to all the dirty cops involved in the case.

  • Lauren Phillips says:

    Everything has been expunged from the system. He is in a federal witness protection case. You can’t even access what would normally be public records in his case nor can you access those of Rower or Lawrence.

  • Lauren Phillips says:

    Maybe you haven’t read much about the case. But she was put on a strict budget where she barely could cover the household bills. Much less enjoy the fruits of his labor..

  • Kenneth says:

    He’s in a country club prison, however in lavish solitary so the educated, local populace dont point him out to relatives and the media. He plays cards and board games with the guards.

  • Brener says:

    God bless the sons, as people are forgetting they could have been killed, and someone did pass away, they lost not only their mother and saw that happening, but their father and learned that their father, who is supposed to protect them and nurture them and love them, almost had them both killed as well, plus changed their lives for the worst for the rest of their lives. May her memory always be a blessing. Baruch HaShem
    Bad Karma to the killers and all those who were responsible in the murder, you can only REPENT so much, but I truly believe there is a god
    Wait until the GOVT is done with him and they turn on him like they turned on Whitey Bulger, ooops!!!

  • Mountain Gal says:

    You are despicable! Are you Tokars’ “Mommy” (which is the word he turned and mouthed after one STUPID juror would not give him the death penalty he so richly deserved! That juror wanted him to be able to “hold a grand baby one day”. Fortunately, his kids want nothing to do with their sperm donor. Tokars will NEVER hold a grand baby!).. Do you also want to say that his little children, who had to run across a dark field to get help, wearing their Mom’s BRAINS on them, got what they deserved?? She never “snitched” on him! She never got the chance! I KNEW Fred Tokars, who was a ruthless, arrogant, drug using, cowardly narcissist, who treated his family like dirt! And what has Freddy been doing with all his time in prison? He has been getting favors by being……… a SNITCH!! And you don’t deserve the name “Mickey Rooney”.

  • Connie says:


  • Connie says:

    You must be an evil bastard!!!! Hope you die a terrible death!!!!!

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