Here are the requirements:

  • We would actually like to hear from the person who has been wrongly convicted. If not, then a friend or family member with extensive knowledge will suffice.
  • You must be able to state the facts (only the facts)
  • We will not be using real names of the police, prosecutors, or attorneys (you can refer to them by job titles)
  • You must be open to postings in response to your post as to your guilt or innocence on our BLOG, Facebook page or otherwise

We do not give legal advice and this is just a forum in order for people to get their cases and issues EXPOSURE.

Our goal here is to assist those who need LEGAL HELP and bring attention to the criminal justice system and all that ails it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Sharmeen says:

    I have a nephew who has been locked up since he has been 16years of age he is 35yrs old when he was 16 he was convicted of robbery he recieve 7yrs he came home for a few months when he was 21 on parole he smoked marijuanna went back on a violation 2 more years added on he was given parole again at about 25yrs of age home again for 9months he could not find a job with threats of being locked up he got scared did not check in violation again back in now he is on a drug charge however he went to bootcamp was not liked by the guards they trump up charges stating he was stealing the clothes of other immates seling them for food,and has sent him back to prison with another charge theft,I have spoken to several that has been a part in the program they say it is impossible for someone to get the immates clothes only staff has access also you would not need to do so for food they give a generous amount of food, but I need help on helping him to be free of the system..