JOBS for FELONS – Junk Hauling like Sanford & Son


Junk hauling doesn’t sound like a very glamorous job but it can be a very profitable one in the long run. Most people would picture a junk hauler being someone throwing a bunch of trash in the back of an old beat up truck and driving everything to the city dump. In truth there is a much larger business to the junk hauler’s life.

Junk hauling is the primary business, but then you have the additional services of offering to clean out attics and basements. This service is a profitable opportunity in more ways than one. First you get paid to clear out all the “junk” from the attic or basement, but what many people throw away can be very profitable – several items could be sold on E-bay. Other items could be of value to antique collectors, and the last is those items having value in recycling. Paper and cardboard, aluminum cans, assorted metals, all can be turned into cash. So, you charge a fee to clean the space out, get paid to haul the “junk” away, and then get paid again by selling what you can.

There is one or two large junk hauling businesses out there today valued in the millions of dollars region. Your small hauling company might, some day, be a large franchise worth millions of dollars if you run it professionally.


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