Prison Nachos

1 Ramen Noodle
1 Summer Sausage
1 Chilli with/without beans
1 Nacho tortilla chips.
1 Onion
1 City Cow Cheese

First boil noodles drain and set aside. Chop summer sausage and onion mix together then add Ramen seasoning. Place onion and summer sausage mixture in the microwave for 4 minutes on high, afterwards take out and place to the site. Take tortilla chips and place a large amount on a bowl. Mix water (or milk) with cheese, after warming the cheese until it melts, and blend until smooth and creamy. Take meat and onion mixture over tortilla chips. Next take your chilli and cooked noodles and pour over your chips. Lastly spread your melted cheese over your chips. Viola nachos delight.


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