Ishmail’s Special by Ishmail by Jihad Mu’min
1 Bag of instant Rice
1 Beef Summer Sausage
3 Soups (California Veg
or its equivalent)
1 Jack Mack or Pink
¾ Stick of Margarine (or
less watch your cholesterol)
1 Onion
1 teaspoon of Garlic
You will need two bowls for this to work right.
First, cut up the onion (only use what you need – enough to cover the bottom of the bowl) Next, chop up the Summer Sausage
and mix it with the onions in the bowl and with the butter and garlic. Cook this until the onions are brown and the sausage
is darkened. As it gets close to browning, stir it constantly to prevent burning. While this is doing its thing, take the 3
soups and crush them up in another bowl, bigger if possible and use a cup and a half of water using one of the soup cups.
This allows the noodles to swell so make sure to move them around in the water. Cover. Mix your cleaned (including the
brown stuff –it’s blood) Jack Mack with onions and sausage and let it mix for 6 minutes or one spin on the microwave oven
knob. Once it’s right, mix the noodles and place the microwave for 12-15 minutes or until the noodles turn brown then
stir in the rice and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Serve. Makes 2 nice servings. (2 full bowls)

Take it to the room unless you are willing to share. You will be bombarded with requests…smile.


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