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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are Prime Examples of Women in Prison

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, a reality show on the cable network channel Bravo, has a cast of six women who are “in theory” well to do, well connected, high society socialites. While that depiction of the wives’ real lives are a stretch on reality, three of the six of the wives’ behaviors are representative of women that are serving prison sentences.

NeNe Leakes, the most popular of the wives’, is loud, outspoken, and often times violent. She is a wife and mother who has let a little notoriety go to her head. The typical inmate that personifies this behavior is one that has been convicted of a drug crime. The behavior has controlling stamped all over it which would classify the drug crime as trafficking or sales and not possession. The status of making a serious amount of money and being in control of your destiny drives the over the top behavior.

Jenny Triplett, co-editor-in-chief of Prisonworld Magazine, gave the ladies some words of wisdom on a morning show. “Money is more than about status. Money cannot buy you class. The majority of inmates are indigent and in some way are still battling class lines behind the wall. You have the rich, the middle class and the poor, just like in the free world. The lack of control of your status in that type of environment is too real for some to bear and that reality leads to violence.”

Kim Zolciak, the only Caucasian of the wives’, sets a bad example with a publicized relationship with a married man that she calls “Big Poppa.” She boldly speaks on how sexually promiscuous she is and tends to comment on the values she is instilling in her children. A common sense comparison to her inmate twin would be one who is convicted of soliciting. Sugar Daddy’s usually support these women who pulls sentences of a year to 18 months. Selling your body for affection is representative of low self esteem.

“I have seen it time and time again where females of all ages, colors, sizes and shapes have become a victim of their own lack of self worth. When you are dependent on the love and affection of a man to value who you are, then something is broken inside. To have relations with a married man and then think that you are moral is an oxy-moron.” says Jenny.

Shree Whitfield, the superficial divorcee, earned her reputation as a goldigger by flaunting the fact that she was seeking a seven figure settlement from her professional football player husband. This is the most serious of behaviors that is seen in women behind bars due to the fact that their crimes are usually that of murder. Money and revenge are two proven motives for murder. Women who are serving life sentences for murder who have killed a man, negating self-defense for abuse, display signs of narcissism. Winning at all costs, even murder, is a character flaw. At the end of the day, whether it’s a real housewife or an inmate, all are examples of unrewarding lives. At any time a choice can be made to be a positive example.


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