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Why We Weren’t Meant to Survive

The only real argument, we as a people can come up with for our existence is this:

Our participation in this world thus far has been to serve in “blind indoctrination” of having hope that the future if that is what we are to call it, will tolerate and condone what the master-slave relationship of the past imposed upon you. Twenty-two of the founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence owned slaves.

The bigger evil is that our so called African American leaders, who profess to be God-centered, are nothing more than a sham. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Martin Luther all preached non-violence, yet taught their people to let the dogs bite, to accept police brutality, or to be washed away with very high-powered fire hoses, to be lynched and hung.

That philosophy is one I will never adhere to. My seed will never bear a human life into a world where the Balck Male is ineleigible and Blackmailed into captivity and the denounced, alienated and exploited in the name of systematical injustice.

Let’s implement that truth, or die trying.

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  • Sophie says:

    Its controversial but this definitely needed saying.

  • Tangent says:

    Well done! Its not an easy thing to tell people, but it is so true! Respect to you for having the courage to say something that really needed saying. (Great site too!)

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