#SurvivingMarriage – CLOSURE

Ep 020 – Listen. This is one of the most wanted things and something that will keep you idle and repeating a story. CLOSURE!

Co-hosts Rufus and Jenny Triplett, husband and wife team, share five plus topics where people look for closure in their lives and don’t always get it. Whether it’s closure form a divorce or being ghosted in a relationship to stores going out of business, they cover how people feel when they get left out of the loop or can’t deal with the lack of closure.

This is the season finale of Season Two. The podcast has grown. Thanks for sharing it around social media. Be sure to share and tell a friend. If you are married, engaged or single, this episode is for you. Also, the insightful Food for Thought segment addresses ARROGANCE. This is the twentieth episode of the Surviving Marriage Podcast. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE. RATE. and REVIEW. Oh, and follow on social media and share with a friend.

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“99 Problems but a card game aint one!”

Show Notes:

0:00 – Teaser – Close the door baby…

0:49 – Intro

2:46 – CLOSURE

3:35- Closure in Relationships

9:46 – Change of Seasons

11:16 – The End of a TV Show

12:08 – Closure of Stores

14:53 – Cancellation of Events

16:18 – Sometimes you never get closure

17:49 – Break – Problem – Pentatonix

18:08 – Food for Thought – ARROGANCE

20:46 – ANNOUNCEMENTS – Be Sure to Subscribe. Share. Rate. Review.

23:55 – Ride Out…


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