Surviving Marriage Podcast Is Marriage 50/50#SurvivingMarriage – Is Marriage 50/50 or 100/100?

Ep 012 – Let’s run the numbers! Let’s talk percentages. Is marriage 1/2 & 1/2 or is it whole and whole? Isn’t that up for interpretation? And with that interpretation you have to take into account effort vs responsibilities.

Co-hosts Rufus and Jenny Triplett, breaks down how two halves make a whole and no one person can be a complete sum total of a union. It takes two to be in a marriage and taking up slack when the responsibilities may fall heavier on one than the other. Does picking up the slack mean that your partner is slacking?

You’ve probably seen this statement and debate around social media. If you are married, divorced, engaged or single and seeking, this episode is for you. Also, the insightful Food for Thought segment addresses the impending recession and how it may impact and effect your relationship. This is the eleventh episode of the Surviving Marriage Podcast. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE. RATE. and REVIEW. Oh, and follow on social media and share with a friend. @survivingmarriage

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“99 Problems but a card game aint one!”

Show Notes:

0:00 – Is Marriage 50/50?

0:26 – Intro

1:24 – Rufus is the same OG!

2:19 – Continue to Subscribe. Like. Share. and Review.

3:57 – Is Marriage 50/50 or 100/100?

4:34 – Teddy Pendergrass sad 50/50 Love

5:56 – There’s parts of you that you give to others

7:18 – Sometimes one person has to give more than the other person

8:31 – That would mean that marriage is 200%

9:31 – Giving all of self vs responsibilities

10:04 – Blog by Liz and Ryan – The 50/50/100 Rule

10:41 – To serve your mate does not mean be a slave to your mate

11:50 – “have you ever heard of Ben Gay”

12:53 – Interlude – Falling In Love Again – Likely Suspect

13:09 – Food for Thought – Don’t Let This Impending Recession Put You Into A Depression

21:30 – Ride Out…


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