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Surviving Marriage Keynote in Kansas City

Often we are asked to speak at conferences, conventions and events regarding the status of marriage. We don’t just speak on the status of Black marriages or Muslim marriages but we speak individually about the demographics and inclusively about all marriages as it s a growing and defined troubling epidemic.

Our talks are given with humor, as sometimes you do have to laugh to keep from crying, and also with the wisdom of several years of marriage. The experiences and holistic counseling that we have and provide only adds to the plethora of material that we have to inform and educate the masses on this subject matter. As we travel across the country, from East Coast to West Coast from North to South and now internationally, we all have some of the same issues as far as marriage in concerned. We are definitely are more alike than we are different.

The message we wanted to get across in the keynote, which happened less than a month after our son passed, was that you are going to go through things in a marriage. You are going to be tested in many, many, many ways. The true test is how you handle it and how your resolve conflict in order to maintain, sustain and move forward in a marriage. Some don’t make it, but bless the ones that try.

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