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25 Best TV Couples of All Time…Agree?

via TV Guide

One thing we must agree upon is that TV Guide has definitely put together a very diverse list of TV Couples. Most of them are classic as what we see on TV today is not a lot of role model couples but more of ratchet relationships and goldigger dreams. CLICK HERE to view the couples gallery.

Yes, there couple be several others that could be on this list, but for the most part, it encompasses the best of relationships, from pre-teen to teenage innocence, to old school wisdom and surviving marriage.

There are a couple of “issues” with a few of the couples, as you will see per our comments, but it is a fun look back at how relationships have evolved through the scope of the small screen.

Here’s how we see it:

Couple #1 – Yes, Ricky and Lucy – this is a total well -rounded relationship. Not only were they married on screen, but off screen as well and one of the few talented husband and wife teams of their time.

Couple #8 – Luke and Laura – Bringing a relationships from rape to love is a hard pill to swallow. Even though we were just teens when this happened, we have a better understanding of it now. It should have never happened. This relationship was sold to the viewing audience and they bought it hook, line and sinker.

Couple #9 – Dan and Roseanne – One of the most dynamic blue collar, true to the real world couples ever. Their total situation from working middle class, to raising hard head children, to robbing Peter to pay Paul stories resonated with millions of people. Real recognized real when they hit the screen.

Couple #10 – Cliff and Clair – who is actually going to come along and become the epitome of parents to the Black family? Thus far, nothing has compared to what they brought to the table. Two professional working parents, with a house full of kids, keeping them grounded and well rounded with chores, culture and life lessons. My Wife & Kids has come close, but when you are trying to live up to Cliff Huxtable, no cigar.

Couple #22 – Kevin and Winnie – There are no words that could truly describe young love. They kept it innocent and curious.

Couple #23 – No commnet

Couple #24 – Homer and Marge – Although they are animated, something has to be said for the 20+ years they have graced the screen. In every town, there is a Home and Marge. We may not know them personally, but they do exist. Far removed from Stepford Wives, Marge holds in her heart the hopes and dreams of a great demographic of wives. Homer, welp…he’s just Homer. Gotta love it.

Feel free to add your thoughts as to who is missing and why you felt they should have been included. We would have added James and Florida Evans from Good Times. If you don’t know who they are, you better hop on Google. We need them back on the air, we know they are in reruns, but if someone can channel some news shows…lets do it!


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