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Companies that hire Felons on Prisonworld Blogtalk

JOBS for Felons: Companies that Hire Felons – NOT!!!

Alright, for the love of my sanity, please, please, PLEASE stop the madness. Stop sharing these lists that claim these companies hire felons. To the person that is sharing the list, have you verified this information? Have you called everyone on this list and asked what their hiring policy is for convicted felons? If you haven’t then you share in the responsibility of spreading false information.

Yes, that is correct. You are spreading something that is not true. Every company has it’s own individual policy. Alot of companies do not hire you based on your felony conviction. For those that have been convicted of rape, child molestation, sexual assault, aggravated assault or certain drug crimes, they may never see the likes of being on the payroll of any of these companies. To get their hopes up thinking that they have a chance at employment is just plain wrong.

Crimes of theft, dishonesty and fraud, such as shoplifting, embezzlement, selling or receiving stolen goods and robbery and/or bank robbery have a slim to none chance of working somewhere that takes credit cards or deals with financial information which includes retail. Once again, it is just plain wrong to lump every felon together and give them hope that they can reach out to these companies and have an even playing field. Due diligence will save them time and embarrassment as for many having already been stigmatized as a convicted felon carries much weight.


Federal Bonding Program on Prisonworld Blogtalk

For more information on the Federal Bonding Program CLICK HERE

So, what can a felon do to gain employment? It’s not impossible but it does take time and research. Here is a little something about the law via Buzzle

Employment Laws and Felony Convictions

It is true that some criminal acts authorize the administration to revoke or suspend an individual’s right to employment in certain situations, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a fair chance to start life afresh merely because of your criminal record. Several states in the US have laws pertaining to employment for felons in place. These laws mainly stress on the fact that an individual cannot be denied employment merely because of prior conviction. Having said that, they do come with some stipulations which may differ from one state to another. These include taking into consideration the severity of the offense, the time elapsed after conviction, etc.

In states like New York, Hawaii, and Minnesota, public employment agencies cannot deny a felon employment unless the crime committed and the job for which he has applied are related directly, or indirectly to each other. Furthermore, if the employer feels that the person is not suitable for the said job because of his conviction, it is mandatory for him to give it in writing. In most of the states, law enforcement agencies, correctional agencies, and jobs that require the person to be in contact with vulnerable population, are kept out of the purview of this law.
Read more at Buzzle:

Hope this helps….


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  • Reese says:

    Thank You for setting the record straight. This list has been floating around the internet for YEARS and it is completely inaccurate. The best job for a felon is the one he or she CREATES by becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business. The sooner they can make that decision, the better off they will be. For more info on how to be your own boss, create your own income and live life by design…check out or … or BOTH!!

  • Chelsea says:

    What’s sad is that the county jail here gives out the same list while you’re in there.

  • Yea that’s sad and out of touch

  • Valerie Tobin- Printis says:

    Please don’t listen to this they triing to advertise for their business….
    It’s common sense there are gonna be some limitations in any company if you sex crimes your not gonna be able to work with children, If it’s a crime dealing wth money you will never get a job at a bank. So please dont allow this article to discourage you.. I recommend that you use wisdom and make every effort to start your life over on the outside , further your education , search programs in your community .
    I personally can tell you that this list is NOT INCORRECT…

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