The President’s Job Act is making headlines all across America. Republican and Democrats alike are hiding their heads in the sand and neglecting the issues while the American people continue to suffer. One class of people are suffering more than others and more than usual…felons. There tends to be a lack of outlets for people with criminal records to get a job. Now that the competition is super stiff, felons have to compete with those that have masters degrees and PhD’s. Inmates need to become entrepreneurs and not depend on American society for work. We help stigmatized felons with ways become entrepreneurs and not use the system as a revolving door. Here is one great idea:

One of the easiest – and in fact one of the oldest ways of making extra money – is by collecting old newspapers and selling them to a recycling plant in your locale. Some paper recyclers are making more than $100,000 a year in this business. If other people are doing it, then there’s no reason you can’t do it. About the only equipment you’ll need is a pickup truck or trailer that you can pull along behind your personal car. The prices you would be paid would astound you.

Make no mistake about it; we live in a paper world. American uses 200 million tons of paper each year. After quick use, we throw away at least 100 million tons of this paper, almost all of which could be recycled. This means that there’s about 8 million dollars worth of paper out there that can be collected and recycled each year. So if you are looking to start a business with real profit potential, what are you waiting for?

In the beginning, you may have to make up a sign and tape it to the side of your pick-up or car, and pound the pavement, but you would expect to do this in starting any business. You should organize your time and schedule to call upon all business owners, store managers and ask them if you can haul away their old cardboard boxes. Another paper products source: the offices in your area, particularly those with computers. The age of computers has ushered in more reports for offices than ever before, adding reams and reams of paper to the average office trash basket. When you visit these offices, take along a couple of save-a-tree boxes and ask the office people to discard al their waste paper into these boxes for you – letters, envelopes, outdated reports and files. You can usually get the “save-a-tree” boxes at your recycling depot, and when full, we’re talking about 35 to 45 pounds of paper. Most offices will fill one of these boxes in a week or two, depending, of course upon their volume of paperwork. And while you’re on this kind of foraging trip, don’t forget to check in at all the print shops. They waste and throw away almost as much paper as they sell.

This is the kind of business that “snowballs” with visibility and word-of-mouth advertising. It will definitely benefit you, then, to join the various civic and service clubs in your area, attend their luncheons, mingle with the business leaders in your area. Volunteer to assist in some fund-raising events, and whenever possible, become a guest speaker and tell about your business.
This business takes organization, some energy on your part, and at least in the beginning, your time. But if you put forth the effort as I have outlines, there’s no reason you shouldn’t easily realize a very comfortable income with your own RECYCLING BUSINESS. It takes effort on your part, but if you’re looking for a lucrative business, you have here a plan to act on.

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