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  • Valarie Peoples says:

    Family and friends of Alvin Dalton would sincerely appreciate any help we can receive in obtaining an attorney for his defense. Alvin Dalton has always been an upstanding citizen, a hard working, independent man, well liked and respected in the community. During these challenging economic times any and all assistance are welcomed.

  • Valarie Peoples says:

    Family and friends of Alvin Dlaton would greatly appreciate any help we can get in locating an attorney who is willinjg to take this case. Thanks to you all.

  • LaQuita says:

    Please help Alvin Dalton. It is so said that the police can’t do anything until something horrible happens! What is wrong with our society,there is too much violence. The good guy who tried to protect his girlfriend and himself is in jail. Please if anyone out there can help please do so. Thank you!

  • Zalikah Goodloe says:

    Alvin Dalton is in need of a attorney to help him with his legal issues. He is a very caring, honest,and loving uncle that looks out for his family and friends. Our family is asking that a lawyer please help us with this situation.

  • Bobby Griffin says:

    This is by far one of the biggest shocks of my life! Alvin Dalton is my first cousin he was like a mentor to me growing up as a young kid! I always respected him as a hard worker with strong disciplines but could make you laugh as well! Remembering when he was a manager at Longs Drugs store! That motivated
    me even as a young boy! Something had to really really go bad sideways to have him react in such a manner! I never seen Alvin harm anyone in all my life and I am 52! Please assist him! Bobby Griffin

  • pamela says:

    This is not called “MURDER” no way no how….My brother could nerver intentionally take someones life. Defending yourself, family, and love ones from harm and danger has always been recognized as self defense not MURDER. I pray that Alvin will receive GODS blessing for and good Lawyer to represent his case. Everyone that knows Alvin finds this a total shock. He lives straight by the book in everything he does. Alvin needs your help!!!

  • Birdie says:

    I am totally shocked at the news of this unfortunate loss of a human life. It is sad that it came to this. Alvin Dalton is also a victim in this senseless crime. He was only defending himself and his loved one as any one of us may have done faced with the same circumstances. A split second reaction when faced with ones own demise could happen to anyone of us at any given time. It is my sincere prayer that an attorney will answer this family’s call for help in this matter. Alvin Dalton is not some thug who maliciously set out to hurt anyone, He reacted defensively, and now sits in a jail cell literally dazed awaiting his fate. Please… Any help to this family will be appreciated……….GOD BLESS

  • Kendra says:

    Alvin Dalton is a beloved member of our family. He’s a proud American citizen who values his country and encourages others to respect the laws of the land. He has never been in trouble before. Even when being verbally and physically harassed, he remained positive and sought to do what was right. He’s a loyal, hard working man who has developed great rapport with employers as a result of going the extra mile and being extremely reliable. Please prayerfully consider representing him legally in this unfortunate matter. Thank you.

  • J. Myrick says:

    Prayerfully an open minded attorney will take Alvin Dalton’s case. Too often in today’s society, police and officials are powerless to ongoing harassment until it is too late. And then the people who pay the heavy price are the people who felt the heaviness of the harassment. For example, school children who turn harassments in on themselves through cutting and plotting revenge that sometimes result in innocent students getting hurt as the one they ignored as they faced physical, psychological and emotional harassment as they walked the halls of American schools. In many cases when they finally push back because Principals hands are tied when it comes to suspension and the victim ends up serving severe consequences for standing up for themselves. Dalton case is much like these students, and the women who can only escape stalking harassment through running and hiding until they are faced with having their fight for safety turned into a life or death battle that too often land these women in prison. The lawyer who takes Dalton’s case must consider the role on going antagonism plays in a case like this.

  • Gina says:

    Alvin Dalton is one of the most peaceful human beings I have ever known. Alvin portrays the qualities this country was built on. He is a diligent and dedicated employee and a law abiding citizen. If you are an attorney and can offer your services free of charge, kindly do so. Thank you and. God bless you.

  • Latangela says:

    Val I am so sorry to hear about this but I know God will work this out for all of you. I will keep my eyes and ears open about sound legal advice.

  • Charles Peoples says:

    This is an ideal case for a law professional who is hungry and ambitious and ready to help his fellow man. Taking on this case will mean a lot to many people who are concerned and shocked by these circumstances. This is a clear case of self defense. The police had been called out many, many times. These calls are on record showing how Alvin and his woman were being harrassed and their cars, truck and appartment vandalized. A temporary restraining order was obtained by Alvin’s woman the day before this unfortunate incident. Alvin was defending himself after being physically attacked in a life and death situation. If the police had been able to difuse this time bomb before it blew up, circumstances would be different. After the many times the police were called for help, the police response was, “There is nothing we can do”. The average man will protect his home and family. Alvin is an above average man. So, once again we are looking for a lawyer who is willing to win a good case, help Alvin Dalton who does not have any history of breaking the law. An honest, good, hard working man who loves politics and being informed on how the world is running. He stays in his lane and does not like trouble. Please help.

  • Nae says:

    I am certain that Alvin Dalton never thought he would find himself in such an unfortunately situation. Why? Because he is a man of integrity, honesty and non-violence. He has always been an upstanding citizen and a friend and helpmate to others. But, somehow someway, Alvin felt his life was at risk and like most of us would have done, tried to preserve it. Is he guilty of murder? Or is his guilty of trying to protect his life and the life of his loved one?

    My heart goes out to the family that is also suffering due to the loss and injury of their loved ones. For we are all Gods children and none of us deserve to suffer in this way.

    I am certain that Alvin will attract a fair and competent attorney to represent him and demonstrate to the court that his actions were based solely on self-defense.

  • TJ says:

    Father, in the Name of Jesus –
    I thank you that You are in control of every situation. I pray your comfort and mercy for both families during this time.

    I pray that you would grant favor to Alvin Dalton in getting the legal defense that he needs. I pray that they would be a person of integrity, seeking justice for this man and not just monetary gain.

    I pray for Mr. Dalton, that he would seek you and that he would discover for himself that you are a Friend and a Counselor.

    Bless him and his family with the calm assurance that You are well able to handle this situation, and be glorified as You do what others may think to be impossible.

    In Jesus Name,


  • Carthan says:

    There is no way the Alvin Dalton that I KNOW would ever harm a person unless he was threatend! In the twenty plus years I have known him I have NEVER seen a violent action on his part, on the contrary, Alvin has always been the one who would abide by the rules and laws that we have in this country.

    No matter how we look at this there are two families that are suffering right, and our hearts go out to them too. God ‘s full of love and we should be too, we stand with you Alvin during these tough times. We are praying for you and the family that God will bring this trial to a conculsion and soon.

  • Anna says:

    Valarie, i will sure be in prayer for the familys on both sides of this situation. This has hurt a lot of people. We had a situation simular to this happend in my family years ago. I have no question about Alvin being a good man. Alvin is human and we all get to a point that we just can’t take anymore. Please don’t forget God is in control of EVERYTHING. Look to the the hills from where your HELP come. He is there ALL the time. I pray a lawyer will came to Alvin’s aide.

  • Lyn says:

    We are so sad that this type of thing happens every day in our communities. It is very sobering when it happens in your own back yard. My prayer is that all involved directly and indirectly receive a lesson that can be used as we deal with daily life challenges. May God give us all courage to move forward.

  • LP says:

    Please continue to pray that a good lawyer is ready, willing and able to take his case and fight the good fight to win the battle and the war. Alvin Dalton is a good person, kind, giving, and sincere. Lets remain full of hope that his situation will be reviewed with open eyes and compassionate hearts.

  • Yvonne says:

    To intentionally kill a person in not a part of the make up of Alvin Dalton…I have known Alvin all of my life he is the oldest son of my sister…he was a prime example of a good son a mother and father charished..he set goals and standards his brothers and sisters strived for…Alvin is strong willed in his beliefs but also a man of principles and kindness and unique wit…i have never witnessed a violent behavior in my nephew and i have known him for over 50 years…So if anyone that can assist him in this time of hardship please consider doing so…he is someone our family and community will miss if our plea goes unansewered…

  • Malaka says:

    God bless this family with peace and understanding. I am praying that there is a lawyer willing to step up and assist Alvin in getting justice in this case!

  • Orrea & Erika says:

    Let’s extend our sincere thoughts, prayers and support to both families. All are going through extenuating heartache and inner turmoil during these unimaginable turn of events. May God touch the heart of an experienced, noteworthy attorney who will be willing to extend his/her expertise and service to Mr. Dalton AND come with a concise agenda; exposing the truth and delivering swift justice.

  • CHARLES says:

    I was a Juror on Mr. Dalton’s murder trial. I was convinced he was inocent of first degree murder and express my sympathy to Alvin. After I heard all the testimony I wondered why this case even went to trial as murder. The evidence showed he was the victim and went far an beyond what any reasonable and prudent man would have done to avoid a confrontation. The actual testimony indicated there were 50 call for help to the Fresno PD to no avail. The night before his life was treatened by the victim three calls were made to PD. The victim had a restraining order to stay away. I would love to share the inside information that was discussed in the Jury room ot assist Alvin in his next case. Fortunity there were those who had the sense to stop what could have been a bad verdict, – CS

  • VLP says:

    I am a family member of Alvin Dalton and we thank you for your comments on his trial. I would love to hear your thoughts and insider observations. Being a jurior in this type of situation is a tremendous responsibility. Both families have suffered in countless ways. We continue to pray that the final ruling will be in Alvin’s favor and that the other family will find some degree of comfort.

  • CHARLES says:

    I have thought of Alvin and have wondered what happened following the trial. I called the defense attorney with information I thought would help a jury come to a better discission and was told the Judge refused to allow evidence admitted for some reason. The defense attorney had a personal case pending and it was clear he did not have a handle of the defense.

  • T Osborne says:

    I am sad to hear verdict yesterday about Al. I do not live in the area but i’ve been following the case. I am Lora’s niece. I always liked Al and so does my two boys. My youngest in particular loves Al. They would sit and talk whenever we came over. My son has had this blank look on his face since learning of all this. We really like Al. He has ALWAYS been such a good guy and that is a true fact. He would tell my boys to stay in school and be law abiding. I know that Al is not a cold blooded killer..the jury doesnt know Al, they only know what is in the file. They dont know how Al spoke of education and politics. Any one of us could’ve ended up in that situation. Al had to be scared and confused at that very moment and acted out of fear. He told me one time that he never had a fight before. That tells me he has never been a violent person. I believe in my heart there is an attorney out there that can help Al. Maybe the LA area would be good to to search for a good defense lawyer. I still believe that Al can get a better outcome than this. May be with both families. Its a bad situation all the way around

  • Franz says:

    I would love to receive your “inside” information. As per your comments, it is apparent that you were sleeping during the trial. The attorney did not have any personal case going on, he was ill and suffering from vertigo. The attorney had many cases that he was responsible for during the time of Mr. Dalton’s trial and do the the overworking of the system he was assigned to multiple simultaneous and back -to back trials. Nothing like being outgunned by the District Attorney and the “system”. And just an aside, all of the “electronic” work/data was personally prepared by the attorney that you believe “did not have a clear handle” on the case! How about the evidence that the court simply suppressed?

  • Lynnae says:

    Hello Franz. Now that the second trial is over, can you tell us what evidence was “simply suppressed”? Can this evidence be used in an appeal? Is there any information on the girlfriend Lora?

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