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The Triplett’s Take Hollywood for Emmys Weekend

Life throws you all kinds of crazy curve balls. Some you can strike out. Some just might be the pitch you need in order to take you to new levels. We were thrown a curve when we got invited to the Emmys this year. Totally unexpected. Although we have a TV Show and media company, that does not automatically qualify you to have a seat at the table. But since were were considered, we took our seat with pride.

We were listed to do media for the red carpet. Little did we know we were going to be treated like VIP Media. They literally rolled our the red carpet for us. There wasn’t an A-list and a B-list. Everyone there was treated like A-list celebrities. Paparazzi had never seen anything like us. They asked several questions as to who we were and about our TV Show.

We were gifted all of the swag that they give celebrities in the gifting suites. approximately 20K worth of stuff. We had to buy an extra bag just to get it back home.

Who was there? Some of everyone.From cast members of Scandal, How to Get away with Murder, Major Crimes and American Crime to WWE professionals,  TMZ personalities, George Clinton, soap stars, and many, many, more. Too many to name.

Although we didn’t get to interview everyone becasue it took two hours to get through the gifting suite, the interviews that we were able to acquire were pretty cool. We talked about diversity in Hollywood. Some folks had no clue. Some could only grasp at what Shonda Rhimes was doing for the LGBT Community. But as for someone that looks like us, they couldn’t add much to the conversation. Edyta from Dancing with the Stars went the hardest. She was very blunt and vocal and understood that Hollywood had a long way to go.

Yes, what an adventure it was. Another one for the storybooks and our grandkids when they finally decide to get here.

Before all of the Emmys hoopla, we enjoyed a VIP TOUR of Sony Pictures Studios. Here are a few pics from that mini-adventure as well.




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