#Prisonworld View – An Inmate’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, (or as you are known on the cell block – Santizil my Nizil)

As I sit here another year in prison I have made my wish list and checked it twice. I must say that it seems like my wishes are not being answered. So this year I wish for the following:

  1. I wish for a food package so that I don’t have to be subjected to all of the salt and sugar from the commissary which bothers my diabetes and high blood pressure. Nor would I have to eat in the chow hall where the food is less than consumable for any human being.
  2. I wish for a warden who will listen to my complaints of forceful and unnecessary treatment by the guards he has hired and continues to defend.
  3. I wish for a new phone system so that I could call and talk to my family at least once a week without them having to take out a second mortgage on their home.
  4. I wish for new mailroom personnel that don’t hold grudges against me and tamper with my mail as if they were not violating any federal guidelines and regulations.
  5. I wish for a pen pal that would listen to me without judgment so that I could share my thoughts regarding prison and the outside world.
  6. I wish of a parole board that would be impressed by all of my accomplishments while in prison and see that I am not the same man that I was at age 22 when I entered the system.

On second thought, maybe this is beyond your job description. You concentrate on bringing toys to good little girls and good little boys. My cellie told me not to write you because I did not qualify for goodness and after the parole board turned him down for the fifth time he stopped believing in Santa Claus years ago.

But I thought maybe, just maybe, if you could save an outcast like Rudolph that there was room for me too. Everybody deserves a second chance, right?

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