Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company, is in its fifth year of publishing Prisonworld Magazine, and its third year of producing and distributing Prisonworld Radio Hour is providing a voice for those behind the wall.  “The magazine has really carved a niche for us to be able to do things in a non-traditional way for a non-traditional audience. We are talking to so many people, free and freedom challenged networking, spreading information, encouraging and giving a positive and uplifting vibe. The momentum is gaining and it’s not just inmates that are listening. The general public is listening and looking to participate in any way that they can. This brought about the idea of Prisonworld BlogTalk.”, says Jenny Triplett, co-editor-in-chief of Prisonworld Magazine.

Prisonworld BlogTalk is every day talk for everyday people. Not to be confused with Blogtalk Radio, the site is moderated by Jenny Triplett and talks about every day subjects such as injustices within the criminal justice system, politics, local and national news, entertainment and even religion and lifestyle. This site is comparable to any blog site but better in the sense that it has more video generation and also allows inmates to post poetry, lyrics, thoughts and comment s about the prison system, prison life or what is going on in the world. Anyone and everyone are invited to participate but the rules are very strict as to comments.  Participants should be witty, strongly opinionated, passionate and entertaining.

Prisonworld also offers an Internship Program for the magazine and radio show. The program extends to the record company also giving inmates the opportunity to gain work skills and experience. By becoming an intern, inmates can gain valuable marketing, promotional, sales and organizational skills.  “Many people ask, well what can an inmate do? This is where thinking outside the box comes into play. Inmates already have an established market with their peers. If you think about it, drug dealers can become the best sales people because of their marketing and people skills. Every day many of them are using sales skills without having a college degree. Why not channel those energies into a legal venture? Sometimes it just takes a person to outline an idea on paper for it to make sense.” says Rufus Triplett, Jr. co-editor-in-chief of Prisonworld Magazine.


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Rufus and Jenny Triplett are co-Editors-in-Chief of Prisonworld Magazine, which is published by Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company. They are co-hosts and co-producers of the weekly radio show the Prisonworld Radio Hour.  Jenny is a requested speaker for correctional facilities, non-profit organizations, schools, radio and TV shows and print magazines. Rufus is a member of the group, Likely suspect, which provides acapella entertainment for the speaking presentations. Together they speak at seminars, as panelists and as advisors on relationships due to their 23 years of marriage and YOUTUBE video series on marriage tips. For more information log onto www.prisonworldblogtalk.com. For more information on the Prisonworld Internship Program, email dawahinternationalllc@gmail.com or call 678-233-8286


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