#Inmate View – One Thing I Would Change About the Prison System

What Would it Be…..and Why?

I would change the visiting structure and restore the true purpose and meaning of rehabilitation. I would establish and create an environment which institute an atmosphere of harmony. Thus, by doing so, it’ll give the incarcerated male/female the opportunity to reconnect and bond with their loved ones. I would put into effect counseling for those individuals who desire to learn the fundamentals to strengthening their family ties. It’d be a nice chance to bridge broken family relations and educate on the significance of keeping the glue of the family structure firmly cemented. Building stronger relations and productive communication with loved ones would hopefully give so-called inmates a sense of responsibility to maintain ones faith, dignity and sentiment of feeling human. That is, worthy of loving and accepting being loved. I believe firmly by keeping ones spirits alive and morale high would in time create a sense of purpose and meaning in the lives of those enduring the loneliness from incarceration.

Furthermore, by helping to rebuild the family structure and keeping the flame of hope alive, it would be a very progressive step towards helping to rehabilitate. It would help the person who’s incarcerated appreciate and respect those who genuinely love them. And, just maybe, this might inspire change. That would also bring success to our respective communities…making society much safer in the near future.

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