Prisonworld Magazine covers prison issues and always have since 2007. In 2009 we ran a cover story regarding the Texas prison system and now it has come to the national forefront that Texas is eclipsing California with the largest prison system in the country.

VIA Huffington Post –

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Everything is bigger in Texas, the saying goes, and that is now also true of its prison system.

California used to have the nation’s largest state prison system, topping 173,000 inmates at its peak in 2006. But since a law took effect last year that shifts responsibility for less serious criminals to county jails, the state has reduced its prison population and is no longer the largest in the nation.

California now has fewer than 136,000 state inmates, eclipsed by about 154,000 in Texas. Florida previously was third, according to 2010 figures from the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, and currently has about 100,000 inmates.

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  1. Texas
  2. California
  3. Georgia
  4. Florida
  5. Louisiana

The Texas Department of Corrections has had it’s fair share of problems including escapes, protests and lawsuit. There is a currently a lawsuit by Texas inmates in regards to the institution not running their air conditioners in this sweltering weather.

CLICK HERE to read the entire story regarding the lawsuit.

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