Doing time in the joint is no easy thing.

Don’t expect to be accepted, unless you have something to bring.

There are two types of “cons,” that separate the mass.

You have the weak and the timid and those that will kick your ass!

I guess you can say that you gotta fight

To stand up for yourself is your God given right.

But not everyone will they’d rather stay small.

Not everyone’s cut out to be down and stand tall.

It is us few that’ll stand up for the rest

Facing the enemy is the ultimate test.

We are the underdog, outnumbered 10-1

You must be a warrior, because a coward would run.

Many battles have been fought on many a prison yard

Many have survived but many have died hard.

Prison is a constant war of this you can be sure

There is NO love here only hatred is pure.

There is no happiness, no smiles or sunshine

Just mean as hell convicts paying for their crimes

If you are weak just stay the hell outta my way

If you step on my boots you will surely pay

To survive in this world it takes a special kind

He has to be tough with a strong body and mind

Time has certainly broken many a con down

You could either laugh now or shed the tears of a clown

So if you go to the “pen” be strong little brother

Stay down with your people and always protect one another

Stay strong and stay sharp show no sweat on your brow

Be tough kid because you are in my world now.

– Anonymous for Prisonworld




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