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Mrs. Triplett,

We (as prisoners) are on our peaceful boycott of the Georgia Prison System’s free labor details in search of better treatment which consists of feeding, clothing, medical attention, educational courses, fairer prices on goods, along with respect on how we are dealt. If possible, also seeking to be compensated as so many other states are for their labors or @ least a good time system brought in so we can be accounted for in relief of our sentencings.

So after months of anticipating Mrs. Triplett, everything finally fell thru. The sad part is “every” facility didn’t become a part of this…though we have a good number of facilities on the movement. They’re feeding us sack lunches 2 times a day (Friday-Sunday) and 3 times a day (Monday-thursday) That should be a violation being there’s no real source of nutrition in these cold sack lunch meals 18 times a week.

It is a peaceful boycott in search of better treatment.

Elliott Nicholson 917984

Smith State Prison

Box 726

Glennville GA 30427


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