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Six couples that had to pivot during the pandemic but maintained their marriages and businesses

2020 and 2021 had a significant increase in divorces. The aftermath of couples having to quarantine resulted in people that were either already at their breaking point or discovered some things that weren’t necessarily apparent because life was in the way.

For other couples, their marriages grew stronger. They were able to bond, emerge in to do lists and DIY projects, binge watch shows together or even hop on the oh so addictive Tik Tok.

Working from home became the new norm for millions and work days blended into school days and became a blur between work and play.

But what happens when your spouse is also your coworker? What happens when business slows down and it is a major part of your livelihood? It could put a serious strain on the marriage in numerous ways

Michael Clair and Trey Murphy of Snooty Vegans

These six couples found a way to pivot and thrive during this unprecedented time. Season Three of Surviving Marriage Podcast showcases couplepreneurs, married couples that work together, and how they were able to adapt and overcome this unexpected pandemic.

First up, Mikel-Claire Penick and Trey Murphy, better known as Snooty Vegans, created a platform to help people over 30 transition into the vegan lifestyle. At the forefront of this pandemic is the need for everyone to be more health conscious. Although everyone is not interested in going vegan, this couple suggests a trial period just to see how your body will benefit from it.

OL and Sway Buckley

Secondly, OL & Sway Buckley of Marriedpreneur Life, helps couples create systems to scale their business and make their life easier so they can concentrate on what’s important; their marriage. Being entrepreneurs can be time consuming and a lot of couples end up changing the dynamic of their marriage because of long work hours. The love and attention dissipates and they start living more like roommates. They helped couples shift from the corporate world to entrepreneurship over the past 8 months.

Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman of Meet The Freemans

Authors of The Argument Hangover, Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman, are curriculum based marriage coaches. They have helped couples get over the hurdles of what’s holding them back from being open and honest in their relationship. They stress the couples need to admit what the real problem is because until they do, the problem doesn’t go away. They saw an increase in their coaching business during the pandemic.

John and Nikkia Holmes of OH & J2 Real Estate

A sector of the economy that seems to be recession proof, depending on what side of the shift you’re investing, is real estate. John and Nikkia Holmes, OH & J2 Investment Firm, managed to be on the upside of the house flipping game. Not only were they able to increase the amount of properties they normally invest in but became mentors to other couples that are looking to get in the game as well.

Tristen and CC Sutton of Sutton Adventures

Lastly, Tristen and CC Sutton of Sutton Adventures — Curators of Couples Experiences, were pretty much shut down completely. They take groups of couples to luxurious destinations around the world and had to do a 180 degrees turn for their business by creating smaller, more intimate experiences for their customer base. Now they have more ways to offer couples a fun and loving experience.

Over the course of ten episodes, these couples joined Rufus and Jenny Triplett, husband and wife team and best selling authors of Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century, for transparent, informational and entertaining discussions about marriage, business and life. A common consensus among the couples is to make sure the marriage is a priority.

Rufus and Jenny have counseled over 2000 couples and saw an overwhelming increase during the pandemic. Some common issues were problems with social media posts, not being emotionally available, and lack of proper communication. Before the pandemic the Triplett’s spent their time as international speakers and facilitating marriage workshops across the country. Pivoting to a digital outlet has allowed them to continue to serve those that need help.


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