#SurvivingMarriage – Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at – The Real Relationship Experts

Ep 009 – First thing’s first we’re the realest…or they’re the realest! Yes, that’s right, when you’re branded as being real, real talk, real educated, real people giving real advice, you are real relationship experts.

Co-hosts Rufus and Jenny Triplett break down what it takes to be an expert with with Ayze & Aiyana Ma’at in this original Skype interview. The difference between a licensed therapist and a coach is education but education with lack of experience does not make you the best resource. Take a listen as this conversation takes some deeper dives into marriage experts and therapy taboos.

Keeping relationship talk fun & fun, this discussion is what happens when husbands and wives give perspectives . If you are married, divorced, engaged or single and seeking, this episode is for you. Also, the insightful Food for Thought segment “cheaper to keep her.” This is the ninth episode of the Surviving Marriage Podcast. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE. RATE. and REVIEW. Oh, and follow on social media and share with a friend. @survivingmarriage


Show Notes:

0:35 – Intro

1:45 -Ayze & Aiyana Ma’at

2:25 – Why are yall the realest?

4:51 – Ayize’s perspective on the realest

6:33 – What’s make a relationship expert?

10:33 – Coaches with experience

12:10 – Getting folks to go to therapy

13:46 – The stigmatization of therapy

14:44 – Keeping people in therapy…not one and done

17:14 – Seeking counsel is an ancestral tradition

17:59 – Infidelity – Black Men Don’t Cheat

22:54 – Congrats to the Emmy Nominated Parents of Asante Black from When They See Us

25:08 – Food for Thought – Cheaper to Keep Her

28:00 – Ride Out…


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