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Ep 006 – Did you make it to Essencefest this year? No worries if you didn’t. You will enjoy these highlights of the 25th Anniversary of the festival as well as get ideas on if you should plan to attend next year.

Co-hosts Rufus and Jenny Triplett are also Best Selling Authors and their book, Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century, was featured in the Essencefest bookstore again this year making it two years in a row. As a travel adventuresome duo, they attended the biggest, blackest networking event for more business opportunities.

If you’re an entrepreneur you especially want to listen to this episode. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur but a patronizer of black businesses, this episode is of special interest to you. Also, the insightful Food for Thought segment addresses a current marriage respect issue. This is the sixth episode of the Surviving Marriage Podcast. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE. RATE. and REVIEW. Oh, and follow on social media and share with a friend. @survivingmarriage


Show Notes:

0:27 – Intro

:49 – The Essencefest Episode

3:30 – There’s more to Essencefest than concerts

4:45 – Sexual Health at Essencefest

5:35 – Slave Food Movie Premiere at Essencefest

8:17 – Empowerment at Essencefest

9:46 – Vendors at Essencefest

10:51 – Muslims & Couples Sightings at Essencefest

12:00 – Black folks coming together without fighting at Essencefest

12:56 – Private Event at Essencefest

14:29 – Thelma from Good Times at Essencefest

15:00 – Our Sponsors –

16:00 – We met some wonderful people at Essencefest

17:07 – Food for Thought – Put some respect on long marriages

20:03 – Ride Out…


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