Rufus Triplett, Jenny Triplett, Rufus and Jenny, surviving marriage, Ebony Magazine Couple of the Year#SurvivingMarriage – What’s Love Got to Do With It

Ep 001 – Love. It has so may different definitions and means something different to different people. Loving people and loving life is on a different level and being in love with someone or being infatuated with life.

Co-hosts Rufus and Jenny Triplett have an intimate conversation about the meaning of love, what love is, what love has to do with marriage, who said I Love You first, the limits of love and how the generation of today is getting it all messed up.

The episode is quaint and contains the insightful Food for Thought segment. This is the very first episode of the Surviving Marriage Podcast. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE. RATE. and REVIEW. Oh, and follow on social media and share with a friend.


Show Notes:

0:36 – Welcome

5:14 – What’s love got to do with it

6:32 – What does love mean to you

9:41 – The difference between I love you and I’m in love with you

12:26 – When did you know you were in love?

14: 25 – Who said I love you first?

15:52 – What does love encompass?

16:10 – To love, honor and obey

19:03 – Why is this generation getting it wrong about love

20:43 – Do you need more than love for a successful marriage?

24:58 – Food for Thought – A Strong Relationship with God Will Help You With Your Marriage

27:19 – Announcements – Subscribe. Rate. Review.


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