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Rufus and Jenny at age 17

Married Young: Beating the Odds to 28 Years!

The last thing anyone wants to hear concerning marriage these days is another statistic. We have heard that millennials are not worrying about marriage right now and really want to do away with it altogether. We have heard that people stay married longer if they are friends first. We have heard that couples that date longer have a better chance for surviving marriage. Uhhhh…ok.


Every Marriage is Different.

Guess what? This is true. You cannot take randomly put together polls based with demographics and personalities that doesn’t necessarily include yours, for absolutes. Yes, every study and statistic has an exception to the rule, but when you speak with more people that are actually beating the odds, the exception becomes the rule.

Rufus and Jenny in Myrtle Beach October 2017

Some people that that if you marry young you’d stop having fun. False. We have had fun from day one and continue to do so several years later. Loving your mate and being in tune with their needs is a part of enjoying marriage. It’s two people, living life, day by day, and figuring it out as they go along. Fun can be going to the library together or country hopping on a shoe string budget. It all depends on the couple.


Rufus and Jenny celebrate 28 years of Marriage this month

We met when we were 16. We married at 21. There were pros and cons and there were those that were for and against it. Either way, it wasn’t their marriage or their lives. It was up to the two people that committed themselves to work on it and figure it out. We could have been a divorce statistic…BUT…almost 28 years later…here we are. Yes, we married young. And yes, we are beating the odds.


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