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The Prisonworld Radio Hour is Back with Jobs for Felons

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The Prisonworld Radio Hour is Back with Jobs for Felons

The wait is over. Yup, we are back with all new everything! Well, not everything but enough new stuff to get you all excited. What’s new? You’re going to have to take a listen to find out. The Prisonworld Radio Hour, Co-hosts, Rufus & Jenny Triplett, celebrated seven years of broadcasting a few months ago and now things have changed greatly for the radio show. Notice the new brand image? Get used to seeing it. The Triplett’s have expanded their reach to even more millions around the world. This show, Jobs for Felons, is a brief introduction into the workshops they are going to be doing across the country. Find out more by taking a listen. Just like every other show, this is a show you don’t want to miss!

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