50 Shades of Inmates – Incarceration Does Not Discriminate

When Do We Break The Cycle?

“That’s just my baby daddy.” “ He didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t have been running my mouth.” “ I don’t need school. I just need to get high”. “ Nobody ever got addicted to marijuana.” “I can finish school later.” “He ain’t done nothing for his baby.” Round and round we go. Where we stop nobody knows. The sad part about all of that is we should. We should know where to stop it and how to stop it. It is a tragedy when the constant theme in society has been the same for over the last 30 years. Enough is enough! We need to BREAK THE CYCLE. Here and now. Today. Let’s make a conscious effort to say NO MORE!

For the last 20 years or maybe more, much light has been spread on all of the following topics; Teen Pregnancy, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, High School Drop Outs, Dead Beat Dads. Any newspaper you pick up or news channel you turn on, you can read a related story to one of these topics. Daytime talk shows such as Maury, Ricki Lake, Montel, and etc., have thrived on ratings from these topics. Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, and even Judge Joe Brown have chimed in on the topics. Everyone is aware there is a problem. Very few are trying to stop it. Put yourself in the place of one of the situations. Let’s say you are a pregnant teen. How did you get there? Were your parents not around teaching you to abstain from sex or at least use protection? Was there not someone you could talk to regarding your feelings? Did you have such low self esteem that you just gave in to the sweet talking, good looking guy from around the way? What happened? Do you have a child that could learn from your mistakes? Are you teaching them self-restraint, or are you letting them go down your exact path to repeat the cycle?

Every topic could be considered a disease. To allow a partner to hit you, male or female, and think that it is ok or your fault, you are sick. You are definitely ill and need to be fixed somewhere. Resorting to drinking or drugs for whatever reasons, problems or feelings, you are sick. You are putting a foreign substance in your body to feel good but it makes you feel abnormal. Your thinking is out of whack. To leave school knowing you need education to survive in this society, you have had a serious brain fart. Your serotonin is not on its levels or you have lost some cells somewhere. To bring a child into this world and not claim it or even take care of it is just plain trifling. Yes you are sick, but most of all, you need your butt whipped. There is nothing worse than a sorry, full of excuses, broke down, fronting, wanna be, brother or sister that does not take care of God’s creature who did not ask to be here.

All right, I am done preaching, for now. Someone needs to step up on all of these issues and just start calling people out. Nothing is more hurtful that being confronted with the truth and there’s nowhere to run. This society is in crisis and full of
sick people. You must first admit your illness and then seek to heal it. Just a little food for thought: If I did not care, I would not have said a word.

Mass Incarceration is affecting families across the country. Some of these previous stated issues are the reasons why numerous people are locked up for non-violent offenses. Everyone can play a part in resolve. The time is now. Start today.

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