Black Man's Guide to Law Enforcement on PrisonworldShafiq Abdussabur on Prisonworld

The Prisonworld Radio Hour Converses with Officer Shafiq Abdussabur

What happens when the job you hold so near and dear in order to protect and serve the public becomes controversial? What happens when the color of your skin puts you at odds with the code of the force? Co-hosts, Jenny and Rufus Triplett, get into a deep conversation with New Haven, CT Law Enforcement Officer, Shafiq Abdussabur and no subject is off limits. From racial profiling to what is going on in Ferguson, MO, the conversation gets deep, edgy and as always, stays informative. It’s an interview you do not want to miss.

Shafiq has two books on to help the Black Community better understand how to deal with the police. CLICK HERE for more information.


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