Harry Belafonte Blasts Hollywood Re: Mass Incarceration

As major celebrities sat in the audience enjoying the NAACP Awards ceremony, Harry Belafonte steps to the mic to accept his award with words of wisdom. His speech did not include how wonderful he was, how astounding is career has been, or any name dropping of all of the high profile people he has met thoughtout the years. His speech was moreso a call to action to all of the influential people in the audience what are not doing anything to change the system.
Innocent people rot away in prison every day while never being a thought of those with money and power and the connections that can raise awareness. The criminal justice system is highly flawed. African-Americans are incarcerated at a much higher rate than any other race of people. There are many on the grass roots level working for change. Notable others need to join the fight for justice. Nobody said it was going to be easy.



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