Prisonworld Radio Hour

Celebrating Three Years of Broadcasting – The Prisonworld Radio Hour Keeps up with a Kardashian

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The Prisonworld Radio Hour is one of the most unique hours of information and entertainment on the airwaves today. As even more new and inventive as episodic radio, the show reaches out to guests that the common thinking person would not connect with the concept of the show. Celebrity life coach and trainer Ron Kardashian saw beyond the title, meshed with the co-hosts and concentrated on the need for information. CLICK HERE to listen to the show.

Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company,  owns the Prisonworld Radio Hour which is broadcasted on two Atlanta radio stations, 1100AM International Talk and Love 860AM Inspirational Talk, while it is also streamed twenty for hours a day via internet on the Prisonworld Radio Network. The curiosity of Prisonworld has allowed the attraction of a global audience. The show is syndicated in distribution through Rss feeds, iTunes and dozens of affiliates across the country. Jenny Triplett, co-host and co-producer says “We are always amazed at the doors that we continue to open. Several people have started shows because of us and use our show as a model to grow their audience. I am always checking our stats and to see from where our listeners are hailing. Leading the pack lately has been China, Australia, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, and growing daily. It almost brings tears to my eyes to read all of the feedback we are receiving to let us know how inspiring we are.  I guess when you are doing something positive, entertaining and unique; people will find you and stay loyal to your mission.”

Ron Kardashian, although he is not Kim, Khloe or Kourtney, brought his worth, wealth of knowledge about celebrities, and strength of the Kardashian brand to the Prisonworld audience. The accolades of Rufus & Jenny Triplett, Ebony Magazine’s “Couple of the Year” and the fact that they are pursuing a life of service the same as himself, a greater connection formed.

“We have been pre-programmed as a society and brainwashed to the point where we start judging books by their covers. If you never open the book you never get to read the story. Ron Kardashian opened the book, freely. The information that he provided is good for inmates, athletes, CEO’s, etc. We were happy with him and he was happy with us. He said it was his honor to participate. We’re family now.” says Rufus Triplett, Jr., co-host and co-producer.

Prisonworld Radio Hour broadcasts on Sundays at 6pm EST on the Prisonworld Radio Network; 1pm EST on 1100AM International Talk Atlanta and from 12am-3am EST Tuesday – Friday on Love 860AM Inspirational Talk Atlanta. It is archived on the web in podcast format as well as downloadable on iTunes and the Blubrry Community. The show draws over 1.2 million monthly listeners globally. Inmates can purchase copies of CD’s of the show through Prisonworld Magazine. For more information and sponsorship opportunities for the Prisonworld Radio Hour, please log onto For interviews or speaking engagements for Rufus and Jenny Triplett, please submit a request to


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