One Hour Teleconference or Skype Session


Hey, can I speak with you guys for a minute? Well, sure. This is where you can sign up for not just a minute but 60 whole minutes of our time.

We help married couples. We help single people. We help entrepreneurs. And of course we help authors and aspiring authors. The common goal is to see everybody win.

For Married Couples we normally suggest a minimum of three sessions. Both the husband and the wife should be present for sessions.

For Single People, please have all questions ready to go as 60 minutes will go fast.

For Entrepreneurs, this will be an initial consultation. If marketing help or something else is needed afterwards, that will be additional.

For Authors and aspiring authors, we can discuss our plans about your book. You may need to purchase our self help products to help you get your book to the next level.


We do Consultations for the following:

  • Marriage
  • Singles Seeking Marriage
  • Business
  • Authors
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