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50 Shades of Inmates – Incarceration Does Not Discriminate

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50 Shades of Inmates – Incarceration Does Not Discriminate – When Do We Break The Cycle?

“That’s just my baby daddy.” “ He didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t have been running my mouth.” “ I don’t need school. I just need to get high”. “ Nobody ever got addicted to marijuana.” “I can finish school later.” “He ain’t done nothing for his baby.” Round and round we go. Where we stop nobody knows. The sad part about all of that is we should. We should know where to stop it and how to stop it. It is a tragedy when the constant theme in society has been the same for over the last 30 years. Enough is enough! We need to BREAK THE CYCLE. Here and now. Today. Let’s make a conscious effort to say NO MORE!

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal talks about lowering the Prison Population – [VIDEO]

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal talks about lowering the Prison Population – [VIDEO] – Keep your eyes on the State of Georgia. The War of Crime and The War on Drugs failed massively. Even the War on Immigration put the state in great shambles. All of the people with all of the brains down at the State Capitol has realized that it is a new day and can’t keep doing the same on thing and expecting different results. Insanity is not the new black.

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Prisonworld Rewind: Three Reasons why Legalizing Marijuana could save the United States of America

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One of the most controversial topics in the US for the last five years is the contemplation of regulation for the legalization of marijuana. Cannabis, the medical and technical term for the farmed herb, has numerous medicinal purposes. Various forms of the leaves from the female plant have healing chemical compounds beneficial to those who have chronic pain.

The Prisonworld Radio Hour, airing on the Prisonworld Radio Network, has interviewed guests on both sides of the argument. It is a topic of passionate conversation for those who are proponents of the legalization as well as those who oppose it. One thing that rings true with those on either side is that the realization of regulation may never come to pass in this century.

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#Prisonworld View – The First Amendment – What Does it Really Mean for Inmates?

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Do inmates have the same First Amendment rights as everybody else?
The United States Supreme Court has said that “prison walls do not form a barrier separating prison inmates from the protections of the Constitution.” Nevertheless, inmates’ First Amendment rights are less extensive than other citizens’ and their rights can be limited due to security or other penological concerns. Because of the particular challenges administrators face running prisons, the Supreme Court has acknowledged there is a compelling government interest which warrants limiting prisoners’ rights. Courts have been deferential to prison officials’ assessments of security threats, and sensitive to their related regulatory decisions, even if such decisions impact inmates’ First Amendment rights.

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