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Ode to Single Mothers -By an Inmate

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Ode to Single Mothers -By an Inmate – by Leon Sherrod – formerly incarcerated on a Life Sentence at a NY Facility but now on Parole

Blessings to single mothers out there doing their best to provide food and shelter for their children by any means. I commend your strength and fortitude.

I know its very hard in these times to find steady work with the economy being weak and on its last legs. However, don’t be deterred by this, remain optimistic and continue to persevere through a struggle that’s beginning to wane.

The future has nothing but rewards for those who overcame the hardships placed in their path that usually hinders the weak and feeble minded from progressing.

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Prisoner seeking legal help on Prisonworld

Prisoner Seeking Legal Help

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Truth No Fiction

In our society we are convinced the Government is our friend, ally, and will serve and protect us faithfully.

This statement may be true, “Until those who yield power deem the probability of their crimes being discovered small enough to abuse their positions for personal gain, or worse they’re blinded by ambition.

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Prisoner Hunger Strike in Utah Over After Just 6 Days

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Prisonworld View:

Reiterating, prisoner hunger strikes do not normally work as the administration do not negotiate with terrorists, so to speak. The demands were ludicrous and self-serving. Albeit the inmates are caged animals with very little outlets for rehabilitation, had the strike been more directive for prison programs and not just gang demands, maybe they would have been taken more seriously.

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Prisonworld Activists Booked to Give Keynote Address at Second Chance Conference in Toronto

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Prisonworld Owners are about solutions at Family Conference

“We are finding that are presentations are spreading by word of mouth and more people are reaching out to us all across the country. It is one thing to have read or written a book about a subject but it is just as impactful or even moreso to have lived it. The college students seem to be pleasantly surprised at how real we are with life’s situations. The high school students tend to laugh a lot but that’s ok. At least we know they are listening. This conference draws families from all across the country, including Canada. We look forward to the connection,” says Jenny Triplett, Editor-in-Chief.

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Getting Fat in Jail is a Rehab #Fail

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Getting Fat in Jail is a Rehab #Fail

Toxic Chemicals Contribute to Weight Gain

During the past 20 years there has been a significant increase in weight gain and obesity in the United States. In most developed countries, current estimates suggest that women, in particular, are gaining weight on an average of 450g per year despite the plethora of low fat, no fat products and multitude diets and weight loss gadgets. Could it be that our modern day, chemical-laden lives are making us fat? Via (

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