#Prisonworld News – Write A Prisoner – Bobby Shmurda

Someone is looking at this and saying…who? Who the heck is this? Well, first off, his momma named him Ackquille and he’s a rapper affiliated with Puffy ( it was Puffy at the time this brother got into trouble) nem. Yea, nem and nem. He went down for gang, gun and drugs. Never a good combination.  A few of his homies took plea deals, becasue someone probably told them that would be better than going to trial, and implemented him. He decided to go to trial. you can read more about his story here

What’s interesting about his story is that no matter how down he was with Puffy’s camp, they let him sit in jail until his trail. Even with a payable bail, no one came to get him. This is another great life lesson in friendship. Watch who you call a friend becasue the true trial of friendship is when you’re in need. Do they show up?

Bobby, or Ackquille, will be on his way out in approx 2 years. What will he do? You can drop him a line and ask him about his plans.


Ackquille Pollard #16A4386

Clinton Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2000
Dannemora, New York 12929-2000





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