Love & Hip Hop NY Star, Mendeecees Harris: Write Him Here

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Mendeecees Harris is doing 8 years in a federal prison for drug trafficking. Unless something happens he will be sitting pretty until 2021.
Send Letters to: Mendeecees Harris 65045-050
FCI Allenwood Low
P.O. BOX 1000

January/February 2013 Issue of Prisonworld Magazine

January/February 2013 Issue of Prisonworld Magazine

We have forwarded him a copy of Prisonworld Magazine as you can gift any inmate to help keep their sanity while incarcerated.

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  • Suggah says:

    He’s a married man w/several baby mama’s and children; so, let them write him & put $$ on his books. I pray he gets out & home to his wife & children;because, I truly admire Yandy and her hustle as a single parent; like myself. Entertaining mail from other females who don’t respect the unity of marriage, may be dangerous to their marriage. Separation make men lonely, vulnerable and let’s face, they’re weak!!! So write your wife and kids & read your bible; you’ll be home sooner than u think. God Bless.

  • They’re not married in real life. Only on TV

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