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Prisonworld: Books to Inmates – 7 Days Left to Donate!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We send lots of books and information into the prison systems across the country and around the world. Your funds would be or a great benefit to help us continue this work. We will be happy to give you a Shout Out on our TV Show.


“Most organizations dealing with prison systems are supported financially with grants and other donations because of their 501 c3 statuses. We have to do it on our own. Anything that is donated to us is tax deductible. We have been fortunate enough to still get the job done. Encouraging a misguided mind to make better choices is so important,” says Rufus Triplett, co-Editor-in-Chief.This Dawah effort is responsible for supplying prisons across the country with Qurans, prayer rugs, hijabs, kuffis and other Islamic materials. The resources are given throughout the year and not just during Ramadan and Eid. Personal visits are made to the prisons and a rapport is established with the prison ummahs, chaplains and administrators to help resolve issues and misunderstandings. Additional help is given to the inmates in order to learn how to become entrepreneurs, as a job is one of the constraints of living a productive life after incarceration. The Triplett’s are requested keynote and session speakers about prisoner reentry and prison reform for various platforms which include corporations, wellness retreats, correctional facilities, non-profit organizations, schools, radio shows and print magazines.

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