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April 2013

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Why doesn’t Anyone on TV look like Me? Diversity in the Mainstream Media is a Farce

By PrisonworldTV, This Country Needs An EnemaNo Comments

“It’s sad that the major networks and with all of the cable channels that Muslims are not better represented. We get plenty of airtime such as things like the uprisings in Africa. NCIS has yet to do a show where it just shows Muslims in the military who are servicing this country, as I did when I was in the Marine Corps, and not ones that they are chasing and trying to stop from destroying it. Why does the media have such tunnel vision regarding Muslims? My mom is a teacher in a public school and my dad is a retired firefighter. We are everyday ordinary people that are just like the characters on television. Our own president is being vilified for the mere thought of him being a Muslim. Maybe Muslims should be exempted from taxes since they are not being properly represented in America.” says Rufus, co-producer of the Prisonworld Radio Hour.

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