Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company is expanding its reach into television and looking for stories regarding discrimination due to incarceration. If you have been discriminated against for a job, housing, etc, we would love to hear your story. The cold hard statistic is that every 1 out of 3 people have a criminal record. It is a sign of the times. We want to bring awareness regarding the judgment and discrimination surrounding this circumstance.  The story must be true and serious. We made need to talk to individuals involved to get further details or confirm factual events. Please write us your story to: Prisonworld, PO Box 380, Powder Springs, GA, 30127. Or send us an email with your story as an attachment to prisonworldblogtalk@gmail.com.


Rufus and Jenny Triplett are co-Editors-in-Chief of Prisonworld Magazine, which is published by Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company. The magazine is printed on a bi-monthly basis and has a yearly readership of 350,000. They are co-hosts and co-producers of the weekly radio show the Prisonworld Radio Hour. Jenny is a requested speaker for correctional facilities, non-profit organizations, schools, radio and TV shows and print magazines. Rufus is a member of the group, Likely Suspect, which provides acapella entertainment for the speaking presentations. For more information about the magazine log onto www.prisonworldmagazine.com or contact Jenny Triplett 678-233-8286 or dawahinternationalllc@gmail.com.


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