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Thanks for coming by! The facts are, I’m Gregory Lawrence, Founder & President of Down by Law; apolitical nonprofit organization committed to raising funds to expose & eliminate discrimination, judicial, economical, legislative & social injustice affecting prisoners & their families.

Through legal research, Down by Law has discovered the Maryland judicial system has incarcerated hundreds of prisoners in violation of our constitutional rights to a fair trial via illegal convictions propped upon nullified verdicts of the following nature:

1) Being tried by a jury who has not taken their oath to be a legally constituted jury.

2) Convictions consisting of 11 Jurors when the Constitution of MD Article 21 mandates the unanimous vote of 12 Jurors before a person can be convicted.

3) Being convicted of crimes like murder without being indicted by a grand jury for murder.

Based on the appalling facts of our legal research, creating a meaningful reality show to reveal the injustice & expose those who are responsible came to me as a spiritual vision. To actualize the vision, Down by Law, please write to the following:

Gregory Lawrence 146-782

13800 McMullen Hwy

Cumberland, MS 21502




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